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Cu, 27.05.2016

Our Human Resources Policy

As Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry; we want to increase the quality of the service provided by human resources by improving   learning, training, experience and skills and through institutional ownership and motivation each day. In this scope, our human resources policy is;

To employ sufficient number of human resources in line with the qualifications, talents and budget possibilities required by the job,

To provide continuous improvement in professional and personal sense by increasing their knowledge and skills with In-Service Trainings 

To observe the rights and responsibilities of our employees and to act in accordance with the labor laws and other legal regulations,

 To reward successful staff to keep morale and motivation of the Chamber staff high,

 Since we accept our staff as the key to our success, to make the necessary arrangements in the working environment, and to keep the feeling of belonging to the organization and motivation in the forefront,

To carry out the wage policy in line with the responsibility, risk, experience and merit required by the job description,

To take into consideration the suggestions and expectations of our staff,

To create equality of opportunity among the staff,

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