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Our Communication Policy

Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Communication Policy is;

In order to announce the realized and planned activities to the members, stakeholders and the people of the region;

 To ensure that information is delivered in a healthy and rapid manner,

 To keep the quality of service at the highest level,

 To provide continuity of communication with our members, to make use of written and visual media with all kinds of communication facilities required by technology,

 Effectively use, disseminate and publish up-to-date information / news,

 By using all possibilities provided by technology and electronic, written and visual media, to send views and suggestions of the Chamber, activities carried out by itself and / or other institutions and organizations, and the projects and all their activities effectively to members, local governments, business circles, non-governmental organizations and the government and all of the target audience.

While Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry; in the direction of this policy, is reaching to its target mass, especially the members, it uses;

-(SMS) Short message,

- Electronic mail,

- Telephone,

- Fax,

-Web page

-ATSO Economic Report

-ATSO Annual Activity Report

- Press releases that are send in written or in electronic and visual media to organizations and agencies.

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