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Cu, 27.05.2016

Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate

This directorate performs the support services such as the office building ready for work, cleaning, heating-cooling, entrance-exit, security, office tools and catering services in order to allow all the organs and units of Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry to perform their jobs.

The main duty of the Financial Affairs of Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to carry out the accounting transactions quickly and efficiently.

Financial Affairs prepares the annual budget, prepares monthly balance sheets, balance sheet and income statements, and executes daily collection business. It also checks the accrual and payment of membership fees. It prepares salary, bonus, difference and overtime payroll related to the staff and provide the payment and in addition to this, it informs Ministry of Labor and Social Security that newly entering or leaving the work.

This Directorate prepares in detail the expenses related to the bank status to be presented to the Board of Directors and fulfills the decisions regarding the accounting issued by the Board of Directors.