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Cu, 27.05.2016

General Secretary

The General Secretary of Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the administrative supervisor of the Chamber employees.

Within the framework of Law numbered 5174, decrees, statutes and regulations, the General Secretary, who is at the top of the administrative hierarchy, manages the transactions and correspondence of the Chamber. It ensures that the documents to be issued by the Chamber are arranged and the information necessary for the preparation of these documents is collected. It is responsible for ensuring the preparation of the budget draft and for submission to the Board of Directors for approval. It is the responsibility of the General Secretary to ensure that the necessary work is done to protect buildings and fixtures and that the directorates provide efficient and sufficient services. The appointments, promotion, rewarding, punishment and personal affairs related to the chamber staff are carried out by the General Secretary. General Secretary of Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is responsible against the Board of Directors and the administration of the decisions of the Board of Directors is under the responsibility of the Secretary General.

There is one Assistant General Secretary of the Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry's General Secretary and a task distribution has been made in between assistants by the General Secretary.