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Board of Directors

Chamber board is elected for four years and has five member in the chambers where the number of council members is less than twenty, seven members where the number of council members are between twenty and twenty nine, nine members where the number of council members are between thirty and thirty nine and eleven members where the number of council members is more than forty. The Board elects the chairman of the board of directors, its principal and substitute members among its members. The board elects one or two vice presidents and an accountant for four years among its members. The chairman and members of a board of a chamber cannot take place at the same time in another chamber or chamber of parliament. The meeting is agenda determined by the chairman or authorized vice-chairman. Also new items are added to the agenda until the start of the meeting with the application of at least one third of the members of the board of directors. 

The duties of the chamber board are:

To conduct chamber work within the framework of legislation and parliamentary decisions. To present the budget, final accounts and transfer proposals and reports related with them to the chamber assembly. To present the monthly account report to the chamber council for examination and approval. To decide on the recruitment, promotion, transfer and dismissal of the staff of the chamber. To decide on the investigation of the disciplinary board and ensuring that the discipline and fines given in accordance with this Law are applied. To prepare the lists of arbitrators, judges and experts and to present the list to the parliament for approval. To certify the documents required by law and the relevant legislation. To prepare an annual report on the economic and industrial situation of the region and activities of the chamber and to submit this annual report to the parliament.

 To present the chamber interior legislation which is prepared by the board to the parliament. To carry out all kinds of examinations related to trade and industry, to keep the indices and statistics of the commercial and industrial activities within the study area, to follow and record the market prices of the articles determined by the council and to announce them with appropriate means. To decide the disciplinary work of chamber personnel in the light of the principles and procedures laid down in this Law and the relevant legislation. To reward the members who pay high tax, perform high export activities and who develop technology. Provided that there is a provision in the budget, to support and encourage social activities, to make donations and aids, to give scholarships, to make schools and classrooms with parliamentary approval. 

To elect an arbitrator or arbitration committee. To fulfill other duties assigned to the chamber by this Law and other legislation and which are not specifically assigned to another body.