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Geographical Structure


Area    : 7614 km2

Population  : 810.260

Traffic Code : 02

Districts   : 9


Adiyaman Province, part of the Middle Euphrates in Turkey is located at the west end of Güneydoğuanadolu. Adiyaman province on the southeast extension of the Taurus in the northern province of Malatya (Pütürge, Smalls and Doğanşehir district),

in the province of Kahramanmaras in the West (Central and Pazardzhik district), south-west of Gaziantep (district of your car), in southeastern Sanliurfa province 

 (Siverek, Hilvan, Bozova and Halfeti counties), east of the province of Diyarbakir (with Çermik Cungus county) are available.

Adıyaman (the ancient Perre or Pordonnium) is a city in southeastern Turkey, capital of the Adıyaman Province. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey. The population rose from 100,045 (1990) to 178,538 (2000) (census figures).