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Cu, 27.05.2016

Administrative Structure

Adiyaman, fertile land and conducive to the protection of the shelter on the Euphrates River and streams, water supplies because of the cold, throughout history, most civilizations meet, knit together, and embraced each other, has been one of the important settlements.

From the past to the present, and kneaded with the cultures of various civilizations, reaching today the adiyaman province, Iran during the time of Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1516 the Ottoman Empire participated in. Adiyaman, Maras initially as the banner of the Principality when it is connected to the central Samsat Gentlemen, have been in the county in 1841, 1849, as the flag is connected to diyarbakır.

Since the founding in 1859 of the Republic of Malatya in 1954 in conjunction with the starboard being the former administrative structure was maintained and connected to the city adıyaman adıyaman district in the province of history and Law No. 6418 01.12.1954.